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Billie Faiers says ‘lockdown birthdays aren’t so bad’ at home after sister Sam jets to the Maldives

Billie Faiers has said that ‘lockdown birthdays aren’t so bad’ as she marked turning 31 at home with her family

Dr Alex George is praised for working on the NHS frontline while his stars live it up in Dubai

Dr Alex George has been lauded by fans for his tireless work on the NHS front line during the COVID-19

COVID-19 deaths are now 25% higher than any other week since the pandemic

The past week was America’s deadliest of the pandemic so far, with 22,680 coronavirus fatalities in the past seven days. 

Jamie Carragher says footballers SHOULD be well down the priotity list for Covid vaccinations

Jamie Carragher admits footballers SHOULD be well down the priority list for Covid jabs as Gary Neville hits back at